Warehouse Loft Conversion

Double Kitchens

The kitchens are at the top end of the L-shape. We are pretty keen on cooking and baking, so one of the things I'd always wanted was a double kitchen - one part for cooking; the other for baking. (I get sick of having to put mixers etc away all the time)

So here's the main kitchen: it has a double sized stove (electric oven with gas hobs)

Cupboards hide electric frypan and deep fryer

Appliances - stove rangehood and dishwasher - are stainless steel

The sink bench is 2.7m long (another .7m disappears behind cupboard door which hides microwave, toaster, jug, coffee perc etc

The cupboards are 4.4m long, and 3.3m high

Then the baker's kitchen is set up galley-style in space behind the cupboards

The bench is 3.5m long, with 8 power points. That gives us plenty of room for a couple of mixers, food processor, slow cooker, bread maker, rice cooker, and for our sins, a candyfloss maker.

Recipe books in shelves above (3.5m of that, as well) and a filing cabinet under the bench for loose recipes.

Then open shelves on other wall for ingredients jars

The cupboard door at end hides washing machine and drier, and storage for vacuum cleaner, ironing board etc

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